Drivers for wireless access point not retained

I have a cable modem connection to the internet.  I also have a LINKSYS wireless router in place.  I have a work laptop that works great wirelessly.  I have a LINKSYS wireless card for a desktop PC running Windows XP.  Whenever I install the drivers for the wireless card, it works fine for a while, but if I shut the PC down or even let it hibernate, when I come back it no longer shows the wireless drivers installed.  What could cause the drivers to not be retained on the PC?

Thanks in advance
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Uninstall the Linksys utility (if applicable)

remove the WIFI PCMCIA card..

boot into SAFE MODE.. then go to DEVICE MANAGER, locate NETWORK, expand, and remove ALL instances of any network devices.

reinstall your WIFI adapter as prescribed by Linksys.
Did you make sure these were updated driver? Also you may want to try and install the card in another pci slot. Do you know if you are having any IRQ conflicts see site below for a reference.
afytech1Author Commented:
This is actually for a co-worker of mine and I just found out he is not using a PCMCIA card but a USB wireless card, Linksys model WUSB54G.  He has installed and uninstalled several times.  Should he still follow the procedure above?
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
YES...the key part is SAFE MODE.

Also, I had to re-read the question..and I saw you laptop.. so I was thinking laptop.
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