Secondary DNS on Untrusted Domain


I have a client who has several locations with VPN connections to their main location.  Each of the other locations has its own domain and dns server (A single Windows 2003 server).  They have each workstation at these sites checking email on a server at the main site via VPN client software and POP3.  

I want them to be able to ping and access servers at the main location by name.  I want to setup a secondary(slave) dns zone their so that they can do this without having the VPN software on their machines and just going through their nearly untouched local servers.  

I tried setting up a secondary zone but when it goes to download for the first time it errors out saying I need to do something on the master zone server.

Any direction would help.

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on your main server you have to add the secondary DNS servers IP in the 'Zone transefers' tab.

Did you get any other errors (check logs) access denied or unable to find the server name?
Hi hydrazi,

what stopys you making the zones AD integrated and allowing them to replicate through AD?


Another thing to check is that TCP port 53 can pass through any firewalls, normal DNS queries use UDP. Zone transfers however will use TCP.

to test use NSLOOKUP, type ls -d this "tests" a zone transfer - be sure it to perform this from the IP address you had set on the allow zone transfer tab.


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