Changing Conf Rm AutoReply

I would like to change the autoreply subject and description inside that is returned to a user when they send an appointment to a conference room.  I have two different scenarios that I want to change the reply on.

(ConfA = Conference Rm name)
1.   Users WITH permission to enter appointments.  They receive a reply that states;
          From: ConfA          Subject:  Accepted: "Test Appointment"
      This one is auto-accepted based on availability.

2.   Users WITHOUT permission to enter appointments.  They receive a reply that states;
          From: ConfA          Subject:  Appointment entered for ConfA
      This one is entered as Tentative until the moderator accepts/declines it.

My concern is really with #2 but would like to know how to change #1 also for future reference.
An example of change for #2 would be to change the Subject to state "Your appointment is awaiting approval" and the description inside the reply be "Jane Doe is the responsible party for the acceptance of this appointment.....".  Where is the options to change these?  Is this a ConfA client side change or a ConfA Exchange side change.  And is there a way to change it just for ConfA and not a global change for all conference rooms?

Who is Participating?
First off, you can 1) educate your users to select "resource" in the meeting invite or 2) install the "auto-accept" agent(

Here is a good overview of both:

To create an auto-reply with a specific message, you can create a server-based rule in Outlook 2003 (or OWA I believe):

For 2)
    a) Create a rule to apply when a message arrives
    b) which is a meeting or invite
    c) have server reply using (type default message including subject line)
    d) except if from (select group of conference room admins)
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