Powerpoint 2003 "Advance slide automatically after.." not working

Dear All,

We have recently upgraded from MS Office 2000 to 2003, and we are having serious trouble creating automated slide shows. Basically, we have the audio from a number of conference presentations in .mp3 format (1 file per slide), and are trying to integrate the audio with the slides and have the slideshow automatically switch from one slide to the next at the end of the audio.

With Office 2000 this was no problem, just setting the transition auto advance after a set time to advance just after the end of the .mp3 file (e.g. mp3 length + 0.5 seconds), however doing the same in Powerpoint 2003 doesn't seem to be working. There is one "animation" attached to each slide (being the audio file), and the "Advance Slide" setting under "Slide Transition" is set to automatically advance after x seconds, where x is the length of the audio for that slide. However, it never advances, it just sits there waiting for a mouse click. Interestingly, if I open up a slideshow already done (in Powerpoint 2000) they work fine, and I cannot see any obvious difference in the animation or transation settings.

Please can someone help with this?

Best Regards,
- Graham
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ArathalionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your timing settings may be being overridden by your overall slide show settings.

Go to "Slide Show -> Set up Show" and have a look at the "Advance Slides" option. If this is set to "Manually" it will override any individual automated slide transition timings you have set up.
topazgAuthor Commented:
Great, that did it ! Thanks
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