I'm replacing Norton System Works 2005, what alternatives are there for these parts of it?

I'm replacing Norton System Works 2005, what alternatives are there for these parts of it?

Virus - I'm now using NOD32

SpeedDisk -  ?
Windows Checker - ?
Disk Checker - ?
System Info - ?
One Button CleanUp - I want to automate this by using a Batch or VBS file if possible, any ideas?
Worm Protection - Is there any need for much more than the Windows XP Firewall? If so what?

I reimage almost weekly, but I still like to keep things in tip top shape as I have over a TeraByte of data riding on this baby!

I give preference to low resource usage (the reason for leaving NSW2005), price of software is generally not a concern.
Anything that runs without installing anything is even better.

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For worm/adware protection, I would recommend Windows Defender from:


It is free, and more effective than most, though not a substitute for user vigilance.

For System Info, there are many, one possibility is Everest from:


While I am not sure why you are using SpeedDisk and Disk Checker, I would advise against using 3rd party tools that mess with disk I/O, they can probably cause more harm than good.

Not sure what Windows Checker does.
Here are my recommendations

SpeedDisk - O&O disk defragmenter (http://www.oo-software.com/en/systemperformance/)
One Button CleanUp- You should get Tune Up Utilities 2006, contains one click removal (http://www.tune-up.com/)
And System Info - WinAso Easy Tweak( search download.com)
And also since you will be short of Antivirus, Get NOD32
And for worm protection, get zone alarm

And since only antivirus and firewall will be resident memory programs, u will not be having any system slow down

I hope that was help full
Ok Bye
Also have a look of some of Acronis' products.
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