Howto forword email messages with Exchange 2003 to an external smtp server when the domain is registered with Exchange 2003, but the email address is not?


I am having difficulty in finding the right words to put into the search fields to get the right results on what I am looking for. But I will do my best to clarify my problem...

This is the situation:

Using the Internet Connection wizard in Windows 2003 SBS Premium, I configured Exchange 2003 to use the domain I am using a POP3 connector to get my email form the POP3 box at my ISP. I configured Exchange to send email through the smarthost of my ISP (This is necessary, because my ISP blocks direct acces to port 25 to prevent / control spamming. But this is not the issue).

This is the problem:

I do not own the domain It is the domain of my ISP. I only use a couple of email addresses which are in the domain Exchange thinks I own the whole domain. So when I send an email to somebody else on the domain, but who's address is not registered at my Exchange server. Exchange returns the message saying the address does not exist on the domain (which I understand). Messages to other domains are handled perfectly.

This is the question:

How can I make my Exchange server forward an email to the smarthost of my ISP when the address is in the same domain as my Exchange server is, but when the address itself is not registerd with my Echange server?

Really looking forward to an answer! I guess the solution is pretty easy?! But as I said, I am having problems in finding the right words to feed Google, etc.

Thanks in advance!


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Once you tell exchange what domains it is responsible for all e-mail to those domains exchange believes is local.

The only solution I see here is to change your e-mail domain to something else but set the primary e-mail address as the ones you currently have.  This way your server is not set as being responsible for the domain so any e-mail sent to a domain is forwarded to the internet in the normal manor.  As the Primary/Reply address does not change any e-mail sent outside of exchange will still have the correct reply address and be deliverable to yourself.
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