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I'm stumped.  I've created hundreds of user accounts and allowed people the ability to send as that user.  However I just set one up and it is not working.  I created an account "".  I added 3 users to the security tabe and gave them send as rights.  I also added them to the exchange advanced, mailbox rights for read and full mailbox rights.  For some reason they still cannot send as this user.  System undeliverable everytime.  However it works for me...  and I cannot see any difference.
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Steve AgnewSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
Exchange 2000 and 2003 automatically add deny send as and recieve as rights to domain admins and enterprise admins.. If you have given yourself blanket send as and recieve as they you have already changed these permissions.. look at the exchange advanced mailbox permissions and see what groups they are in with any deny's  You usually have to mess with the system admin for exchange and such to get it to allow this.

Also, if you try to change the premissions and they have already accessed the server and attempted to use permssions you just gave them and were denied.. you'll usually have to wait quite a while or reboot the server and such to get the changes to take effect.  I generally wait 24 hours or over night when changing permissions like this as it's quite the headache the way Exchange 'caches' authentication.. I'm sure this is for performance reasons.. but often when you have exchange permissions set right, it won't take effect right away and if you keep trying it to often it NEVER does..
mmudryAuthor Commented:
The reason was because the account was disabled before all the permissions could replicate themselves.  I had to keep the account enabled long enough for that.
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