How to encrypt file with GNUPG for user who use PGP

Hello experts,
I have secret key (just some word) from user, who use PGP. But we are using GNUPG with legally added idea module.
And we can decrypt files receiving from him.
How can I encrypt file for him, if I don't have any keypair etc....

Thanks a lot
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Fundamentally PGP and GNUPG work the same way. If they sent you a secret key, than they sent you the wrong thing.

At least assuming they're using the regular PGP product.

I believe they also have an encrypted zip-file creator. Don't know if WinZip knows how to decrypt those, though.
IKeystoneAuthor Commented:
Actually we are working on HP-UNIX. And all that I have from them is a passphrase
IKeystoneAuthor Commented:
Hello all,
I just found the solution to avoid keypair:

echo “key” | gpg --pgp2 --passphrase-fd 0 –output “output.file” --symmetric “input.file”
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