Netware 6/Veritas Backup Exec v9.2 will not load

Hi I have just installed BE v9.2 on my  Netware, 6.0.2
Installation went fine, now when I launch BESTART
I log in .admin.xxxxx.xxxxx, put in my password, and the screen flashes readlly fast and I'm back at the Server:
I called Vertias but no help,they said my timesynch is not correct
the time on my servers are correct
I haev run dsrepair 3 or 4 times, keeps coming back with 13 errors
rebooted the server as well, re-run dsrepair and the same 13 errors comeup
any ideas?

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>Hi I have just installed BE v9.2 on my  Netware, 6.0.2
My guess is that's your problem. 6.0.2 is probably not compatible with 9.2. According to Veritas, BE 9.2 requires SP5 on Netware 6.0, so start off by applying that, then reinstall BE and see what happens.
After you do that, if the problem persists, come back and provide more specifics on the actual error message. Take a look at the BKUPEXEC.FAX for that.  

>keeps coming back with 13 errors

Any hint as to what those 13 errors actually are?

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