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Latitude Notebook cannot project on Dell 2300MP after being used in Dell docking station for Latitude D810

My Dell Latitude D810 with XP Pro SP2 and an ATI Mobility video card once worked fine with my Dell 2300MP projector -- VGA to VGA.  Until I got the Dell docking station.  The docking setup works beautifully; the second Dell monitor (the card supports two monitors) was immediately recognized and is driven at the proper resolution (Hi-res widescreen).  

What no longer works is the connection of the notebook to the projector.  When connected to the notebook, the projector blinks, shows only a tiny part of the screen but blown up to huge size, and the notebook beeps -- deep and slow.  The notebook's screen also shows this bloated fraction of the PowerPoint screen, and the cursor has a circle around it.  Obviously, one explanation is that the recognition process is no longer working, although I do not know whether the problem is on the notebook side or the projector side of the VGA cable.  Although these are all Dell products, I have found nothing applicable on the Dell Web site, not even an explanation of the beep code (although this might be coming from the video card).  There is probably a reset button to push somewhere or a reset routine that will purge the notebook of any memory of the Dell monitor on the dock station.  Ideas?  

My UConn 8AM MWF class will be forever in your debt if we can fix this problem.  They need some good news after yesterday's game.
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Here is the troubleshooting guide...

more importantly how to run diagnostics & setup
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Partial, scrolling, or incorrectly displayed image
Press the Resync button on the remote control or the control panel.
If you are using a Dell portable computer (for other computers consult your owner's manual):
 Set the resolution of the computer to XGA (1024 x 768):
1a) Right click on the unused portion of your Windows desktop-» Properties-» Settings tab.

1b) Verify the "Screen area" slide bar is set to 1024x 768 pixels for the external monitor port.

Press  .
If you experience difficulty in changing resolutions or your monitor freezes, restart all the equipment and the projector.
Do you have a QUICKSET icon on the desktop. Use this to get into the presentation mode when using the projector. It may allow the proper resolution to be found for the projector
TollandRCRAuthor Commented:
Thanks also to Sparkmaker for the tip about the Quickset icon.  I had already solved the problem using the Dell Troubleshooting Guide identified by irwinpks.

As I mentioned, I could not find this document on the Dell Web site.  Retracing my steps with knowledge of a phrase from the document that I wanted, I
1) logged on to my account
2) went to Customer Support
3) went to Product Support
4) was asked to enter the service tag of the system for which I want support
5) entered the Latitude laptop service tag
6) searched the Knowledge Base with the phrase "incorrectly displayed image"
7) got back "No results found.  Please change your search criteria and try again."

I think the issue is that Dell provides no readily apparent way to obtain product support outside of support for a "system."  Not everything is a system; sometimes it's just a projector.  A Google search for "Dell incorrectly displayed image" turns up the Troubleshooting Guide first.  On the other hand, a Google search for "Dell projector image bounces" -- my original perception of the problem -- does not turn up the TG in the first 50 hits.

My students appreciated your fixing the problem.  They did not appreciate the surprise from George Mason.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:

Dell stuff can sometimes be buried... I'm finding out that I'm searching something everyday at that site.... guess repitition? Anyway, glad you got that up and running.

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