How good is Regseeker

Regseeker is free, seems easy to use, but what I want to know is how stable it is, and if it potentially does more harm than good.  I don’t care about buying a better one that finds more problems, I just want one that finds the most critical errors and fixes them.

I'm only interested in free registry cleaners.
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Not sure, but if you want the best free one according to Fred Langa, you should get Easycleaner.

For what it's worth, when I use one, I use CCleaner.
RegScrubXP is the best I have found.  I had to evalutae freeware Registry cleaners for work.
RegSeeker is very good and includes several useful tools.

No problems with it for several years.

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grg-itAuthor Commented:
blue zee,
How many computers do you use it on?  Do you use it on multiple pc's without any problems?

How many registry cleaners did you evaluate?  What makes RegScrubXp the best freeware?

Silly Burrito,
Thanks I'll read that article.
I picked it because of: Ease of Use, speed, reliability, and errors found.  I tested all on a Virtual PC, so every test was using exactly the same data.  For our environment, RegScrubXP was the fastest and found and fixed the most errors on the first scan.  This tool had been made available to our 4000 machines for cleaning the registry.  It also has a section for tweaks for XP, although we don't use it.

Here's the list I evaluated:
EasyCleaner -->
Erunt -->
RegClean -->
NTRegOpt -->
RegCleaner -->

Here's a full list of registry tools:

Closed but will post further comments:

"How many computers do you use it on?  Do you use it on multiple pc's without any problems?"

I used it in multiple systems from oldish PII to modern P4 and AMD's, from Win98 to WinXP and honestly it never ever caused me problems even in the flaky WinME's.


Anyway, do make a safe restore point BEFORE using ANY registry cleaner.


grg-itAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I appreciate and welcome the continued comments.

I think I'm going to further research, and explore the following registry cleaners:

jv16 powertools
Easy Cleaner

Any help narwoing them down to just one would be great.

You're welcome.

There are several good registry cleaners but all have risks, RegSeeker included. That is why I always create a new and safe restore point before starting the cleanup, making sure I have where to go back if anything goes terribly wrong.

Best of luck.

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