Secure my Outlook Web Access sessions

I am currently testing the RSA secureid software/tags. I have a Windows 2003 Standard server enviroment and Exchange 2003 standard. I have about 40 users and I am looking to implement RSA security on my network. Can anyone give me the details on how I would basically implement this with a high level description?

I am basically looking for an answer like:
1. buy another server
2. install windows 2003 std, join to domain
3. install rsa blah blah blah
4. configure rsa product to talk to windows by means of.... blah blah blah

Something like that so I can see the workflow and determine if its worth the work. I am looking for the simplest solution that provides me security from the outside coming in specifically outlook web access.

I am hoping that with the keyfob and the user name and password this will add an extra layer of security.

Tony Adduci
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Here is a pretty good implementation guide for this scenario:

Dave Dietz
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