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Stats t-value interpretation

Hi, I am having trouble interpreting the t-values of my stats test

I have two groups

group 1 - Large companies
group 2 - small companies

for eg. when I run my t-test using SPSS it generates:
t-value = -2.5
sig = 0.03

the significance I have no problem with but the t-value I do

since the t-value is negative can I say that the t-value favours group 2

or do I say the negative value the t-value favours group 1
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1 Solution
It  depends whether larger or smaller means of whatever you were measuring are considered more favourable to the group
and whether you took mean of group 1 - mean of group 2 or mean of group 2 - mean of group 1
foobarrAuthor Commented:
sorry I dont quite get what you are saying...

the way I set it up was that i studied large vs small companies

so my group 1 was means of large companies
my group 2 was means of small companies
were the values that you were taking the means of things that companies would want to maximize, or things that companies would like to minimize?
did you compute your t-value by subtracting the large company means from the small company means, or by subtracting the small company means from the large company means?

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