Linux (ubuntu) tri-boot : win2000, xp, linux

I know that sounds stupid but I am just experimenting. Here was and now is the situation. I installed in this order: win2k, xp, ubuntu linux. When I finished the Linux install i could boot to win2k and Linux only. The xp os would give me something to this magnitude

[windows root] hal.dll could not be found. re-install.

well, What I did was go into w2k and copied that file to xp sys32 and pasted. That didn't work and I still could boot to w2k. So, I put the original .dll from xp into the w2k sys32 folder and now neither windows can boot.

Also, the FS is NTFS, so I cannnot look through linux?

Any rescue ideas?

thank you........
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As long as the FS is not encrypted, you may be able to access the NTFS drives using a Live CD such as Knoppix (which will try to auto mount your NTFS drives and has NTFS utilities) to recover the files and burn them to a DVD or get them off a drive.  Usually with a hal.dll error you have to reformat and reinstall though you should try the following site for further assistance first <> Windows XP really does not like anything messing with the MBR.
Usually this can be fixed with Recovery Console.  But make sure you are using the Server 2003 Recovery console, not the XP one (they are different!) -- and you may have to re-install Linux afterwards.  I'm not sure about that.

The most important commands to use are

BOOTCFG /rebuild

A more complete discussion is here:

scroll down to FIX WINDOWS XP BOOT
Oops, you should be using XP, not 2003 recovery console for that system.
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How did you do partitioning for this tri-boot? I need to know so I can point out the problem.
Boot Windows XP in Recovery Console with the help of this Article.

Rebuilt you Boot Records
Using these Commands at XP Recovery Console :-


This will autodetect your Operating System Installed and create a multi Boot Menu.

To get a Triple Boot Menu you have to restore your GRUB. For that read below Articles:-

First from recovery console of XP CD repair

so that you are able to boot xp and win2k.
you can use fixboot and fixmbr commands.

if from scratch first install win2k and then xp and linux

now dont install grub to the MBR of the harddisk ie /dev/hda.

instead install grub to the   /boot or /root partition (if you dont have /boot on seperate partition). ie on /dev/hda6 or something where is your /boot

this can be specified during installation of linux or you can login to linux and run from grub console. see grub man page for details.

now extract the boot sector of the drive where you have installed the grub with the following command.

dd if=/dev/hda6 of=/root/bootsect.lnx bs=512 count=1

now copy this bootsect.lnx to a floppy and then to the c drive root.

i assume that you have formatted c drive as NTFS.

now open the boot.ini in c drive and add the line below at the end in a new line

c:\bootsect.lnx="Ubuntu Linux"

save it and reboot.

you can see the Ubuntu linux in the menu. select it and enter to boot.

best of luck


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