Load report failed in Visual Studio .NET 2002

Hello everybody out there,
I used Visual Studio .NET 2002 to build reports. It is a pure reporting application with around 25 reports. The reports are embedded. Iam using the bundled version of Crystal Reports.
I have created a setup program with around 6 merge modules( 4 merge modules+2 more because I am using ADO.NET datasets). When that setup program is installed on my friend's system, it runs fine. The problem is when I try to run the reports on the development server, I get the error “Load Report Failed”.

How can I make the report run after installation on the "user's" PC?  Please anybody help......

Please don't point me to any url's as I have done enough research. Don't point me to this link especially.

Thanks a mill.

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“Load Report Failed”... your application can't find and load the specified rpt file. but since you are using embeded report, you shouldn't be facing this problem.
May I know how did you call up your report to display? mind to show us your code?

Is Crystal and VS installed on the development server?

balabommalaAuthor Commented:
VS(I mean .NET Framework 1.0.3075 is installed) is installed on the development server. and Crystal comes with VS.NET right
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balabommalaAuthor Commented:
This is how I was calling the report:
Any suggestions please.

Private Sub CallReport()
        'Dim stor_loc
        'stor_loc = Request.QueryString("storage")
        Dim objDS As DataSet
        objDS = GetFilings()
        ' Creating the XML file for design and report


        ' Assigning the Dataset to the report
        objDS = Nothing
        'With CrystalReportViewer1
        '.ReportSource = oRpt
        '.BestFitPage = True

        '        End With

        Dim crExportOptions As ExportOptions
        crExportOptions = oRpt.ExportOptions
        With crExportOptions
            .FormatOptions = New PdfRtfWordFormatOptions()
            .ExportFormatType = ExportFormatType.PortableDocFormat
            .ExportDestinationType = ExportDestinationType.DiskFile
        End With

        Dim req As ExportRequestContext = New ExportRequestContext()
        req.ExportInfo = crExportOptions
        Dim st As System.IO.Stream
        st = oRpt.FormatEngine.ExportToStream(req)
        oRpt = Nothing
        Response.ContentType = "application/pdf"
        Dim b(st.Length) As Byte
        st.Read(b, 0, st.Length)
        st = Nothing
End Sub
Your code is not complete, you should have a line like
oRpt = new CrystalReport1() don't you?

balabommalaAuthor Commented:
I have that in another function.
This whole application is working in my system. But when i tryto deploy it on he development server, it doesn't.
Do I have to include Dbghelp.dll into my setup project?

I don't think include DBghelp.dll will help. You could try it anyawy.
I still suspect that you didn't actally embedded your report with your project. From you report's property, did you change your Build Action to "Embedded Resource"?

balabommalaAuthor Commented:
By default, the reports Build Action property is set to Embedded resource right.
Anyways I checked my reports and all of them have enmedded resource as build action.

Hmm... I have no idea... could you try the solution from this post?


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balabommalaAuthor Commented:
You ponited me to the right link.
glad I could help~

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