C# tabs control and Visual Studio questions

I have 2 questions
1. I have 4 forms on on one visual studio 2005 C# project, how can I select one form to be run first? right now, it run the first form I created
2. I create a form which has tab controls, how can I add existing forms to the tabs?

Thanks a lot
Vik ShahLead .Net Web Developer / AnalystAsked:
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1.click on solution explorer , right click on the project , select properties, in the properties    pages --select General in left panel and in the right panel click on (not.set) of Startup object . here you select the form to start first


in the main function (generally it will be in the first form u added ) you will see the line like this
Application.Run(new Form1());
changed the Form1 with the form  name you want to start first.

2. since form is a toplevel control it is not possible to add form to a control (in your case it is tab control)

Vik ShahLead .Net Web Developer / AnalystAuthor Commented:
I am using Visual Studio 2005 , there is no General tab
but I have a file called: program.cs which has Application.Run  to chage the running form
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