New t1 service through same ISP and I cant access a certain webpage. HELP!

I currently have a channelized t1 for data and voice going through a CSU/DSU and into a Cisco 2600 with a serial connection.  We upgraded our internet to a seperate t1 for data and one for voice.  I cutover to the new t1 data service and they provided me with a seimens t1 router and we hooked that into our watchgaurd 700 firebox.  The internet seemed to be working fine until we couldnt access one of the websites we use everyday.  We get a "Page could not be displayed" We ran a tracert and ping and we found out the hosting company of the website doesnt allow those commands.  Our firewall is allowing that website to.  I monitored the packets.  I can see the public ip address of the website being allowed.  But we dont get any further than that.  Wehn i switch back to the old circuit with the cisco router the website works fine.  Could it be the Siemens router blocking this site?  Verizon says they programmed the router not to block anything.  I dont know what to do next.  Please help ASAP!
Matt PessolanoAsked:
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With the verizon router in place can you, from an internal client, get to a command prompt and type
nslookup and see if it returns the correct IP address, or any address, for that domain name?

Try same with working websites to compare the differences.

This isn't really even close to, or leading to a resolution, but just trying to determine if the site is even being correctly resolved by Verizon's DNS.

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Matt PessolanoAuthor Commented:
ill try that tomorrow morning.
Matt PessolanoAuthor Commented:
its not verizon.  When i switch over to the new circuit and plug a laptop directly into the t1 router I can access the website.  If i go behind the router I can.  However I have a watchgaurd firebox 700 and the tech support says the firewall is allowing that website.  But the tracert never gets pass the firewall.  So it has to be the firewall.  
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