Getting this website dll version

Hi All!

Using 1.1 i did:
                        Version ver = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetName().Version;
                        lbVersion.Text = ver.Major + "." + ver.Minor + "." + ver.Build;

but in 2.0 it results in "0.0.0"

one thing that i could note is the name of the dll. this is a random name. not the name that i normally use.

Any ideas?
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Jason ScolaroCommented:
See if this link is helpful:

-- Jason
FLUXWIREAuthor Commented:
Nop. It looks like a solution but in a normal web project into vs2005 there is a assemblyinfo.cs file inside the Properties folder. If you click in the project property pages , you can manipulate the version number.

As i convert the system from vs2003 to vs2005, the assemblyinfo.cs is moved to App_Code folder and i could not put it into the compilerOptions. The compiler did not find it.

I try to put the assemblyinfo.cs into many places, but i got the "not found" in the compilation.

FLUXWIREAuthor Commented:

To be used as solution for this question.

This problem was solved with the new visual studio template, the web application project. With this template, the assemblyinfo works like 1.1.

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