Interact With Multiple Flash Video Clips

I am putting together a web demo using multiple Flash Video Clips and need to somehow trigger another clip to play after the clip before it finishes, can someone provide me with some tips on doing this? A link would help too! I am using Flash 8.

Thanks much...

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This is fairly simple, once you have loaded your FLV into the MediaComponent give the Media Component an instance name of say "myMedia" and you can use a combination of myMedia.totalTime and myMedia.playheadTime to sense the current position of the video and start loading another FLV accordingly.

A action for this would look something similar to this:

var myPlayerListener:Object = new Object();
myPlayerListener.change = function(eventObj:Object) {
    var myPosition:Number = myPlayer.playheadTime;
    var myPercentPosition:Number = (myPosition/myPlayer.totalTime);
    if (myPercentPosition > 90) // When 90% of the video is done start loading another movie
        //load next movie
myPlayer.addEventListener("change", myPlayerListener);

Hope this helps !

- KP

Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
How about , loading these movies one after another. You can use loadMovie and unloadMovie with levels. So it will work effcient.

BR Dushan
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
And in Flash 8.0 , you can convert normal movie(avi, mpeg, ..etc) to flv format. Then you can use, flash movie components and , can simply work with movies.

BR Dushan
clickclickbangAuthor Commented:
how do I know when the first movie is finished playing?
clickclickbangAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the posts. My project was put on hold, but I'm going to go ahead and award points here. I may post back later if I have some trouble.
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