Ideas on how to boost income

I need a boost in income. Does anyone have some ideas on how a Web Designer/Developer/SEO consultant/Adwords Consultant could make additional money?

Thanks guys,

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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
do you run your own web design business on the side?  if not, you might consider this.
weikelbobAuthor Commented:
Yes, I run my own web design business. I don't work for anyone
If you've got access to wholesale hosting, and you have SEO experience, then you have much of what you need to begin selling some niche informational products.    Keyword research, niche hunting, PPC optimization, and other secrets can give you an advantage.

On the informational product side.  Think about the types of things you're interested in and imagine someone else wanting to know about it.  Would you be able to offer them an e-book or a printed book for a reasonable fee that saves them time and effort?  I was skeptical about thise whole thing until I began running my own, and started brokering text-ad-links and Adsense on the site.  Now the site generates some money each month.  The Internet Marketing space is crowded with informational products, so I don't recommend this area.  But there are tens of thousands of other ones.  I once made good money with an informational product installing a garden product.  It took a day for me and a hired helper to make, but in the end, we sold the "guide" for $19.95, and we sold around 300 of them.  Not one return.  And these 300 turned into sales of other related items in my clients' store.  We figure that day was the most profitable day of the year.  The video wasn't goergous, edits weren't perfect, voice-over wasn't prestine, but the viewer got what they wanted... INFORMATION.

If you go this route, don't look for the home-run.  Look for small, accumulations of income... income streams, they're called.  Many small ones is far more attainable than is one large one.  As many marketers say, if you're going to fail, fail fast.  

A friend of mine is now creating Camtasia scripts for companies needing to train employees on new software and making good money at it, and then putting them all together in a web catalog.  The companies save labor (the same script is often viewed by hundreds of people) and he stays busy with revisions and new procedures.  Another friend is doing contract iPix work for FSBO homes.  She's doing great at it, and could do even better.  Her web design skills make it easy to handle the other parts of the business.

There are so many ways to make money with the right talent... and web design is a terrific foundation skill to support them!

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1.You seem the have expertise in lots of areas among which seo consultation and adwords are the hot topics.
If you have the skills but no application then you can go in for a JOINT VENTURE.

2.Join some forums and see what other people are doing.

3."additional money" - Additional money as in what ? - What product/service you're currently selling ?

4.With good web development knowledge and seo you can make lot of money from freelance sites too.


Well, take a note out of the books of symatec and others. The way you can make money are keep making money is by offering services. Services that need up keep. Things that will bring in monthly, or weekly income. SOE is a good one to start with. Basically with SOE you can monitor several sites at once and it does require you to keep up on things. Sell your services as a monthly service... IE $500.00 per month for a "Gold" plan. of course outline what they get with the "gold" plan or whatever. Now making it as a free lancer at first takes a lot of time and effort. you have to make advertising and marketing your number one thing.
weikelbobAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the great ideas everyone!
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