windows 2003 SMTP logging

RUnning window 2003 standard with no exchange server installed.  We have a database app that using the local SMTP server to send out emails i need to log to a file all emails that are sent succusfually and failed and the host they are sent to is there a way to do that with the built in logging?  Or is there an app that i should look at to do this.
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Exchange can't do it.
The logging that Exchange can do is just logs of what happened.
As they aren't going through the Exchange server itself, then they will not be picked up by journaling. The application is just using the SMTP side to bounce the email messages off.

You will have to look for a third party application that will archive all SMTP messages. That will be an all or nothing affair though, so it will capture everything. That may also mean a server to sit between your Exchange server and the Internet to ensure that it doesn't interfere with the operation of Exchange.


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adproAuthor Commented:
Exchange isnt on this box or used in that enviroment. We have a database server that emails reports and what not using SMTP on this box in question.  Has anyone ever found an app to do this?
This is the Exchange Topic Area, so one has to presume that Exchange is involved somewhere.

In any case, Exchange can't do it, so the rest of my answer applies - you need to look at a third party tool to capture the traffic.

adproAuthor Commented:
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