My kid Stuck something in the CD Drive on my dell and now it wont open or close. What should I do?

hi my kid recently stuck something in the cd drive of my dell and now it wont open or close.  is there any way i can take it apart to get whatever it is out?
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best bet is to just replace the drive.

if you really want inside it then feel free to remove it from your system and take out the screws and remove the top plate to reveal all of the foreign objects present inside your soon-to-be coka-cola cup holder.

your best option is to remove the drive and note the jumper placement on the back of the unit and purchase a new drive from a local vendor.  make the necessary jumper changes to the replacement and insert back into place of the original.

Kids do the darndest things :P

A small hole is on the front of the drive which you can put a straight paper clip to try and open the drive.  

cashcomp actually has about the BEST recommendation especially when considering the cost of drives.  Might want to upgrade to a DVD or maybe writer R/W.  Kids can be fun!!!  LOL

Did a search with the following link.

Hope this Helps!
Both the above are good ideas.
If the laser wasn't damaged and nothing got bent it might even work when you are done.

My son once stuffed a sandwich in the VCR... LOL
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if you are confortable with taking your pc apart the you can try getting the cd rom out and then taking it appart there are about 8 screws underneat the cd rom unscrew them and then you should be able to take the cover off and pulled out the foreign object...

i would try the paper clip option first that is the safest one.
danielwebbAuthor Commented:
ok the computer also has a secondary cd burner drive.  Can i boot from the windows reinstallation cd using this drive?
in most cases you will be able to boot from either optical drive.  Just check the BIOS to make certain that the CD-ROM drive is listed in the chain before the HDD.  If it does not boot from the drive, then you have it set as a SLAVE on the chain and the BIOS could not handle it (pretty rare these days).  If that is the case, then pull the drive and put the jumper to the master position and re-insert (remove the power and/or data cable from the damaged drive also) then attempt again.  it should then boot from the windows CD-ROM.

good luck,

At boot time the computer doesn't know the difference between a CD-ROM and a CD-burner.
That comes later after drivers load.
So, as cashcomp said, as long as during boot the computer finds the drive at the right place to be a boot CD-drive on that system it will work just fine.
I dunno if you've considered or looked but optical drives are VERY inexpensive these days.
I don't know if your system can handle one but even DVD Burners can be easily found under $45.
If it won't handle (or you don't need) a DVD-burner then a DVD-CD player isn't much more than a plain CD drive.
Going along the lines of cashcomp and PCBONEZ, this might be the perfect excuse to the spouse to get that nice little 16X dual layer DVD burner for about $45. If you have to replace a part, might as well make it worth it ;o)
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