After demoting Windows SBS 2003 server I get a licensing error, help!

I have a Windows 2003 Small Business Server Premium Edition I purchased from  The SBS 2003 was configured as a PDC, but was demoted because there already is a SBS 2000 domain, which it joined yesterday.  Now, after the machine has joined the domain it broadcasts to the entire domain every four hours, saying:

Messenger Service

Message from SERVER to DOMAIN on DATE TIME.

SERVER does not comply with the licensing requirements.
Contact your administrator.

What can I do to fix this problem. Purchase more licenses? I need to keep SBS 2000 because it runs SQL 7.0 which holds databases for a windows nt app. I need SBS 2003 to run SQL 2000 which  holds databases for a windows xp app. Suggestions.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Migrate the SQL 7 database to SQL 2000.  Or buy Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and SQL Server 2000.  You CANNOT use SBS without SBS being the Domain Controller.  It was never intended to run as ANYTHING other than THE FSMO Master Domain Controller on the network.  Trying to use it any other way will be a violation of the license agreement and cannot be done.  Sorry you spent the money, but there's little you can do about this... other than try to return it or upgrade it.

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utsolutionsAuthor Commented:
So can I upgrade the SBS 2000 to a Windows 2003 Standard Edition and keep SQL 7? The SBS 2003 server seems to be working on the SBS 2000 domain except for the licensing error. How long do I have until the SBS 2003 server crashes?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You cannot upgrade an SBS server to Windows Server directly.  You must buy the transition pack.  I don't believe SBS 2000 transition pack is still available.  You can get the SBS 2003 transition pack and convert the SBS 2003 software into seperate copies of Exchange, SQL, Windows, and ISA server.
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utsolutionsAuthor Commented:
So how long can I have this demoted SBS 2003 server on my SBS 2000 domain? I cant run my VB6 program with SQL 2000. The print functions in my VB6 program only works with SQL 7. The new accounting program is VB.NET and runs on SQL 2000. So what can I do?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Gotta tell you, that makes little sense... Have you tried to migrate it in a test environment?  Have you contacted the vendor of the software?  SQL 7 and 2000 were, near as I recall, syntactically identical.  You have the license violation and can expect the SBS server to start rebooting spontaneously every hour or day, if i remember correctly.  That's not going to help keep your applications stable.  I'm sorry you bought SBS 2003 and didn't intend to use it as an SBS server, but that's how it's sold.  You should have bought standard server and a full copy of SQL - it would have been much more expensive, but that's the only option... unless you try running the accounting program with MSDE 2000 - but that had several restrictions on it - including a 2GB max database size which could cause you problems.  But it can be installed and run concurrently with SQL 7 on the same server... of course, Enterprise Manager isn't included with it and it's difficult to manage, except from the command line.

You may not like the answer but it's the only one I think you'll be able to get because we can't tell you how to violate or continue to violate the license agreement.
utsolutionsAuthor Commented:
I will remove SBS 2003 from the SBS 2000 domain and create a VB6 test environment to run with SQL 2000. I will attempt to get the VB6 print functions working with SQL 2000. Once i get the VB6 code to work i will upgrade SBS 2000 to SBS 2003.
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