IIS config on port 8000

I'm having some difficulties due to my ISP blocking port 80.  Can someone help?  Here's my config and my ultimate goal:

1) I have a Windows 2003 Server running IIS 6, and my website is configured on port 8080.
2) I'm using a dyndns service to host digitone.homeip.net which resolves to my external IP address ( and is automatically updated when it changes.
3) I've set my host headers in IIS to digitone.homeip.net and it listens on TCP port 8080, the other host header in the config has the value localhost and is set to TCP port 80.
4) both host header values point to my internal IP which is set statically (
5) my router has port 8080 wide open and points to

When attempting to access the site from the outside world, nothing happens, however from my machines on my internal network, my website displays.

What did I miss?  Is my host header value set correctly?  Ultimately, I'd like it to appear that my website is hosted on port 80, while in fact its being hosted on 8080, can this be transparent to the user so they don't have to type http://digitone.homeip.net:8080?

Thanks for any help....
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Your isp shoul host your dns. Get them to set up an A record to your website you want ie    any request for digititon.homip.net to go to http://digitone.homip.net:8080

Im not the best at webservers but this should get you started. Also try telneting from the outside and tracert to see where it stops at.

Good luck
jpipitoneAuthor Commented:
Well that's what the dyndns.org service does - it redirects digitone.homeip.net and it is resolving correctly....however something is still not configured correctly in IIS ....it may be a host header issue?
I think you can use the "WebHop" service from dyndns to do what you want to do, it's free but it displays a pop up ad, unless you pay for it not to.  There is no way you are going to do this without some sort of redirection running on another server somewhere.  Your ISP is blocking port 80 so there is no way any requests from the internet coming on port 80 are ever going to reach your server directly.  You need another server running somewhere where port 80 is not blocked to redirect requests to port 8080.

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jpipitoneAuthor Commented:
OK - I've configured webhop this way:

http://digitone.webhop.net goes to http://digitone.homeip.net:8080, but it isn't working.

There has to be a way to do this.....thanks for your help though....
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