VPN access for Mac clients to Lan, via DSL, using Cyberguard SG300

I  have a client with both PC's and Macs needing remote access
via VPN to their home office while traveling and at home.

I read up on the  Cyberguard SG300 appliance tonight on the web,
and it sounds like a possibility for our client assuming it will support Macs running OSx 10.4.x operating systems.  I'm sure it supports the XP pro clients using PPTP, so that's not at issue here.

These client Macs and Pc's  will need to access the local  lan via  VPN
and launch files from shared on an OSx server.

The client's office is using a business class DSL circuit over PPoE,
(which the SG300 does have support for)

PC's and Macswill also need access to Filemaker Pro 8 databases over IP via
the VPN connection

Please note that the VPN appliance for this setup has to support PPPoE
for auth on the DSL.

Because the clients are all over the USA, I really want to use a VPN client
native to the OS, instead of something proprietary, to avoid installation/setup

My questions are very specifically:

1. Does the Cyberguard SG300  appliance  support Macs running OSx 10.4.5 using the *built in* PPTP or L2TP VPN client  for seamless VPN  access to internal LAN services over IP?
  I called the Cyberguard techs  today, and they gave me a vague answer.
Said it might depend on whether client Macs at remote locations are all using
NAT.  Well, in today's world that's about 99% likely given that any hotspot or
router is handing out private addresses.

2.  Would you use PPTP or L2TP for the Macs for this type of access?

3. Last, but not Least!!!

**If you have another VPN/Firewall appliance that you've used for this exact
setup, please make a recommendation?**

Lex K

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hi !

if you have a mac server running 10.4 you might want to try the build in vpn. it works great for mac and pc and you don't need to by any new appliance. it suport both PPTP and L2TP.  if your mac server has 2 ethernet port, even better. but it will still work with only one ethernet port.

make sure your firewall is enable on the server to prevent any attack.

i have this setup in most of my clients offices and it works great !

i have tried many vpn appliance before an i found that they are fairly hard to configure to use with macs.

hope this help
LexjkAuthor Commented:
well, guys, I appreciate all your suggestions, but will be closing this one out.   Found  a solution that
worked with a Snapgear VPN box, formerly Cyberguard
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