How do I unlock microsoft word documents?

Help!!! How do I unlock my word documents.  One day they were working fine and now I can bring them up but they won't let me edit my work.  
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This may be helpful, but probably not
Juan OcasioApplication DeveloperCommented:
Why don' you open it and when asked, select read only then save it as another document.  You should be able to modify i afterwards
It is propablly a file permission issue. If the files are being accessed by a simple user and then by Admin they often change owner into admin and then simple users loose privileges over them. The same happens sometimes when they are shared over a domain and being written by users with different permission levels.

If they are stored for local use, log in as Administrator and set the privileges to all users.
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Did you have any network login sessions that had hung up? Might need to get network admin to log it out.
Can you copy any of the information.  If so, select all --- copy --- paste to a new document.  What changed or happened that now you can not read them?
Save As is really the simplest option. I think it'll avoid a lot of the problems if you save as a RTF document.
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