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Struts logic:iterate questions

I am using logic:iterate like follow

      java.util.ArrayList keyList = new java.util.ArrayList();
      pageContext.setAttribute("keyList", keyList, PageContext.PAGE_SCOPE);

    <logic:iterate id="keyListing" name="keyList">
          <bean:write name="keyListing" />

I would like to know

1. How can I display a link for each row after the displaying of "key1", "key2", "key3" ?
2. How can I check if it is the last element in the collection, i.e. key3 ?

Please help. Thanks a lot !!
2 Solutions
Answer to your first question

Add a line after the below statement in your code

> <bean:write name="keyListing" />
<a href="your link">your text</a>


use bean:size to get the size of your list, or hardcode it to 3 ;) store it in a id.
like:                 <bean:size id="total"  name="keyList"/>

<logic:iterate id="keyListing" indexId="index" name="keyList">

now you can check if (total-1=index) to get your last element.


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