MBR or Boot Sector


Confused from reading!

Does each IPL device have a MBR? And, each partition a boot sector? Is the MBR OS independent and the boot sector OS dependent?

I assume the BIOS boot loader looks at the IPL devices to load the primary, then loads the MBR from that device. At that time the Active partition in the MBR is identified and the Boot Sector from that partition is loaded at which time the second stage Boot loaders (NTLDR, LILO, etc..) begin to load the OS into RAM.

Is any of this right?
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Hi link334 I am probably off subject a bit here but it does seem to cover the whole subject.
 each partition a boot sector as far as I know no, unless you multi boot.
then your boot.ini reflects the different operating systems.
How To Multi-Boot Operating Systems
Hope this helps
Regards Merete


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link334Author Commented:
I appreciate the input.
The articles you have listed are good and are where I got the original info prior to posting questions

I am looking for summarization for clarity.

link334Author Commented:
I was mistaken regarding the article you posted. This is quite a good article.

I thank you for your help.
cool thanks, I appreciate sometimes we are just too busy and want quick answers.
You have scroll down down on that one for the goodies. ;)
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