IIS 6 and Exchange 2003 / SMTP Errors 4006 4000

We installed a new SBS2003 server in our place and IIS 6 runs with Exchange 2003.  We've been having some issues, but it's now running good... Or it was...  

Here's the situation.  I looked at IIS 6 for the Default SMTP and it wasn't there.  I read the Microsoft articles (big mistake) and ended up un-installing and re-installing SMTP and NNTP in the IIS 6 sub-catagory section... Like Microsoft said. :roll:  Well, now I can't get mail out or in from the internet or in-house.  

I have a feeling I'm gonna have to install Exchange Server again with IIS off.  Is this correct, or is there a faster way to fix this.  

Thank you for you time
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Run the Exchange setup program again and select REINSTALL.
Tommy_JoeAuthor Commented:
That did the trick.  Thank you!!!  

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