Laptop fan constantly running

Hi ... I have a compaq presario laptop and the fan seems to be running all the time. Even if it's been off all night and you switch it on the fan will be on. I've checked the bios and there's an option for the fan to be always on on ac power but this is disabled.
I'm not sure if this is related but you get random incorrect keystrokes eg press e and get an m
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i think that your laptop came with a utility disk that allows you to run test on your laptop...

If you do haev the disk. place the cd on the cdrom and then make sure that you boot from disk. the utility disk should allow you to test all the OEM devices. the test should tell you if the fan is failing....

If you dont have a utilities cd then you should move the laptop to a ventiladed area and see if it does the same. i think that your laptop is overheating and the fan is trying to to its best to keep the air flowing. something must be obstructing the airflow on your laptop you might want to clean the fan with an air dust....

good luck
Overheating is always a problem.... What kind of Presario is this? Does it have speedstep technology?
stefanomarcoAuthor Commented:
presario 1500 1550ap
speedstep technology?

I don't have a utility disk :(
OK. This one is equipped with speedstep. The speedstep technology makes the computer use only the cpu speed needed for the tasks it is running.

The problems you are experiencing can have several causes:

1. Your computer has been infected with spyware, adware, virus or trojans running in the background demanding cpu resources, so the fan has to keep running to keep it cold. Solution: Run ad- and spyware tools to remove any malicious programs. Ad-aware, Spybot or Spyware Doctor are excellent tools. Run a good antivirus tool.

2. The speedstep has not been set correctly or is not functioning. Solution: Be sure to install the softpaqs found here (Systems management):

3. The air in- and out openings are dirty and has to be cleaned. Solution: Clean it...

4. You have installed resource craving software like screensavers, windows blinds or other software that runs in the background. Solution: Uninstall the software. (BTW: Panda Antivirus can make the fan keep running because it really eats up the resources...)

Good luck


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