Router setup

Hi all

Problem setting up the router

I have a windows 2003 server which acts as DHCP server my tcp/ip is as follows    ip  subnet   Gateway      DNS

My vpn

Lan     ip subnet   Gateway      DNS    

Wan  ip    Subnet  Gateway  DNS

Asuming this is ok

The default gateway I think should be setup on the router but not sure where it’s a small netgear router  and I don’t know if there is any other settings I should apply
Just say if you need more info
Thanks davy

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The problem is you have the default gateway all wrong. It should be the IP address of the router, not the DHCP server.

Routers pass network traffic along from router to router across the internet... you have things set up to pass traffic to your DHCP server, which will then try to pass traffic on to itself.

Assuming that all of your machines you've mentioned are behind a netgeat router that has the WAN info you provided as its "public" IP address amd as its private IP, you need to fix the configuration of each machine.

Windows 2003 server should be this:    ip  subnet   Gateway

Lan     ip subnet   Gateway

I have to ask why you're doing NAT on the Netgear, since that seems to be the case... from what I see, you're doing private IP addressing anyway. Unless you don't want anything outside of that particular router to be able to see anything.

Just let us know what exactly you're trying to do and clarify what the configuration is.
davy999Author Commented:

I have a vpn 2003 server with 2 nic's( wan) lets say and (lan)
the wan nic is  connected to the router and the lan nic is connected to the switch
which is connected to the lan win 2003 server ad, dns, dhcp,

so my wan should be ip subnet gateway
The heck? VPN server has two NICs, that's cool.

WAN information you initially had is right, assuming that's what the network mask and IP for the router is (even though it doesn't quite sound right to me).

It looks like the VPN is supposed to do NAT, and the DHCP server is sitting on the LAN. So if anything, the LAN card in the VPN server should NOT have a gateway address set. However, the DHCP server should be using the VPN server's LAN IP as the gateway. The DNS address probably shouldn't be the DHCP server unless you have DNS running on it... otherwise, it would probably be the same as the gateway as well.

Hopefully, you've made sure to bridge the connections or do something like ICS (can't remember the exact name off the top for Server 2003).

What's the role of the Netgear router anyway?
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davy999Author Commented:
Thank you for your time.

just so i understand a it a little better

1 router

2 subnets

my router is by default is configured to and gateway

Question how do i get the through my router

is it like this ip

You can do one of two things...
1) Have a router with multiple interfaces with your subnets defined
2) Have a big subnet that and fall under.

I'm assuming your router is the Netgear, which shouldn't let you do what you're trying to do. Problem is that with, you're using an address that isn't in the same subnet. So it's not going to know how to route traffic, especially incoming traffic.

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davy999Author Commented:
ok that explains it thanks
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