Cisco 7960 firmware upgrade problems (from P003Q301 to SIP)

Ok so I have a Cisco 7960 with Firmware version P003Q301 loaded. I want to put the latest version 7.x sip firmware on it but I am having real problems.

I have the phone statically configured and I am using Solarwinds TFTP server.

I have tried to update to 3.x and 4.x but I always get to somewhere between 60% and 90% in the transfer and then Solarwinds reports that "The connection is reset from the remote side". The phone displays "Upgrading software" but then of course fails and says "Defaulting CM to TFTP Server".

Can anyone help.

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Your phone's fine. You have a network issue not relating to the phone itself. You need to change the keepalive settings on the Solarwinds TFTP server.  It's closing the connection because it thinks the update is taking too long.
wnicksonAuthor Commented:
THere isn't a keep alive setting in Solarwinds, only a "Auto Close" on inactivity, which is set to never. Or rather I should say, I can't find a keep alive setting.
What other servers is the Cisco going through? Ex: do you have a router that is feeding your internet connection? Is this at home, on a corporate server, etc?

The connection is being cut by one of the servers that the Cisco is traveling through. If you have configured other Ciscos and they didn't take this long to update, then there's a secondary issue of why it's taking so long. But extending the keepalive setting will allow more time for the process to complete.
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wnicksonAuthor Commented:
ok well where is the keepalive setting in solarwinds?
If you don't see one in SW, then it's another one of your servers that is disconnecting.
wnicksonAuthor Commented:
Well, it appears that non of the above was correct. In fact it turns out that with very early versions of the firmware, the phone will not accept firmware files greater than 367bytes (or somewhere around this size) - if it does find a file greater than this in size, it will try to install it, then it will send an error response back to the TFTP server and of course ultimately fail - just as I was getting.
Yeah, that makes sense. It's simply timing out, which is always a sure case of network disconnection.

Unless of course, as you indicate here, the software itself is "bad" which is obviously almost never the case. I would have never guessed your software was "broken" outdated, unpatched or however you want to describe it, but I'm glad you found the source of the problem.

Just add this to your troubleshooting aresenal: assuming the software's in working order (which it usually is) this behavior is associated with the network interrupting the connection.

In case you're not awarding any points to me: ADMIN/PAGE EDITOR: I have no problem in advance if the poster requests all of his points be refunded back to himself. He describes an inherent problem with the software that none of his provided information nor amount of my assistance would have ever been able to resolve. So I'm glad he was able to find out early from the manufacturer the limitations of the software before further troubleshooting continued.

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