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When using MSN Messenger there is an option to appear offline even when we are online. All of our contacts will see us as offline and they do not know that we are online truly. However that option implies to appear offline to all contacts. It is a "all or nothing law" - we appear online to all or we appear offline to all contacts. I would like to choose which contacts I appear as online or offline - I need to appear online only for some selected contacts, and appear offline to others... It this possible ? Any application to hack MSN Messenger ? A plug-in / add-on ? An alternative messenger with such option ?
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
"It this possible ? " 

I would have thought the 'Block' feature would achieve what you want to do. If you block someone, you appear as offline to them, and you can block individuals.
There is a trick.
You can appear offline and talk , everyone sees you offline and you can talk to them while u r offline
they can't open a window and talk to u unless u open the window and start talking to them
I mean , james and rony are ur friends on msn
they both see u offline but u c them online
so if u open a window with rony and say Hi to him , then he can reply and talk to u
and if u dont open a window and say hi to james he cant establish a conversation with ya 
[downloads] > [search our files] > type StuffPlug-NG 2

but notice : Messenger Plus! is required.

Hope it helps :)
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asgarcymedAuthor Commented:
nikorba - You understood what I want but StuffPlug-NG 2 can not do that :(
What about creating a second name, and only giving the new name to the people you want to be able to see you online? Using a program like Trillian (my favorite) will allow you to be logged in with multiple screen names at the same time. You only have one interface, but different people will see only the screen name that they know.


Bonus: it's free...

asgarcymedAuthor Commented:
thejzearfoss - what you say is a possibility I must consider but I would prefer to do the things by a way that my contacts could not understand my selectivity to them, if it is possible. But I am losing my hope in such possibility and maybe I will do what you say. Let's wait a little and see if someone else has a brilliant solution for this question...
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
how about removing them as a contact.  if they are not that important to msn daily, take the entry off.  If you do need to msn, you can always add them back on.  what you could do is notify them with a brief explanation such as.

"Hi, this is a general message to all my MSN contacts...I'm cleaning up my messenger contact list.  In the process, if I inadverntantly remove you from my list, my humblest apologies, it will be corrected"

So can get rid of people that you kinda/sorta not want to be on your list.  The message is general to your contacts and not specific to isolate a particular user.

"it will be corrected" is open ended...because you don't specify "when" ;-)

It's an out of the box solution, that I've done in the past.  Works well with ex-girlfriends.
asgarcymedAuthor Commented:
irwinpks  - you are astute, the question is around girlfriend and ex-girlfriends ;) I am a newbie using MSN Messenger (I really know little about it, so please do not say what a foolish question this guy makes)... I have tried what wbstech said (use "block" and "unblock") and it works perfectly. I just don't know if contacts can understand that were blocked/unblocked by me. Block/unblock is a silent/occult/anonymous possibility ?
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
I believe block & unblock show thus will tell them that you are cutting them off.  If you have an ex..they are ex's for reasons... so what you do is what I commented above. It's worded to the general public.. and if you delete them.. "oops"  surely, they can reach you by cell phone right? or did you change your number? ;-)
asgarcymedAuthor Commented:
What are the differences between block/unblock and add/remove a contact from our contact's list ? Which is silent/occult/anonymous, if any ?
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
You can Try with Trillian.

BR Dushan
Block/Unblock will sorta work for what you're trying to do. The individual in question will not know that they have been blocked, you will simply appear off line. However, depending on the determination/stalker habits of the individual in question, if they have a second name, they can log on with that, and if that name is not blocked as well, then you will appear online. Even a reasonably astute ex would figure out that you had blocked their other name, so this may not be a good solution...

If you simply remove them from your list, I believe that they can still see you. I'm not especially familiar with MSN, but I know this is the case with AIM. However, in AIM there is a setting that only allows people to see you if they are on your buddy list. It sounds like this, paired with a message to all contacts that you are cleaning up your list, should work well.

For that matter, you don't even need to send that message to everyone on your list; only your ex, and those people that she may talk to...

Does this solve it?


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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
@thejzearfoss...."depending on the determination/stalker habits of the individual in question"

Ha!!..been there..done that... :-(

"you don't even need to send that message to everyone on your list; only your ex, and those people that she may talk to..."

My comment was general to send  the offending individuals and not a mass campaign.  It was only intended for the blocked wannabees.
asgarcymedAuthor Commented:
thejzearfoss - Knowing that block/unblock is undetectable by the target contact allows me to close this question.
I must split points between thejzearfoss (because he gave me the information I needed to close the question) and wbstech (because he was the first to present the idea).
I want to thank you guys for trying to help me. Thank to all of you.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
next time.. don't get any "psycho chick" ;-)
asgarcymedAuthor Commented:
LOL Yeah irwinpks, you can be sure that I will not commit the same mistake twice ;)
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