Getting blocked by Yahoo & hotmail


we are an ISP trying to send thousands emails distributing newsletters, product updates, email marketing campaigns to  Yahoo and hotmail etc... the problem is as soon as we send few email we are getting blocked by Yahoo & hotmail Anti-spam

what is the soultion in this case? Shall I contact them to be in their white list? or there is some Method

please help

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As far as I know Yahoo is using qmail and prolly spamassasin. Spamassin uses statistics in order to determine which mails are considered spams! This means that if you spam lots of email towards them in a sort period of time, you will eventually considered a spammer. I am not sure if there is a way to avoid that, unless you contact with yahoo & hotmail. You have nothing to loose by having a contact with them.

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Well, obviously, you are spamming their users, sending the same email
to a lot of users instantly. Try creating Yahoo! Group (mailling list), that
will contain all your customers, or try contacting Yahoo! to see their
Terms And Conditions about sending mass emails.

You can reach them at:
mail-abuse @ cc DOT .yahoo-inc DOT .com

(remove blanks and uppercase words from email)
Well I can tell you unless you get lucky contavting Yahoo is just gonna be a big waste of time!
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Yeah, you'd have to contact them... but you damn well better prove you're NOT spamming if you're trying to send out so many messages. And it's pretty much the legit way to go about it.

Not trying to sound too critical, but...
Just reading your description of what you're trying to do, it sounds like the prototypical spam scheme... newsletters and stuff are mainly things your own customers are interested in, not everyone using a free email service (I assume your ISP provides email addresses to the customers). Besides, how many people across the internet can really sign up for your service?
obscur3Author Commented:
thanks all for your views

I believe Contacting Yahoo & hotmail reading this cause is wasting time, is there any way that i can configure SMTP server with Multiple IP address so i won't get block ?

It's not a waste of time, I'm contacting them every day and they respond usually
in the same working day, but sometimes in the next day because of the time zone
difference. Anyway, if you want to send emails to a lot of their users you have two
options. Either you should create a Yahoo! Group, containing all of your clients, so
just send one email to that group and you wont be blocked, or contact Yahoo!.

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