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Has anyone come across a dropdown control for that displays images rather than text? Preferably showing a 2-D list rather single items per row?

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Jason ScolaroCommented:
Hi dalsandhu,

Sounds like what you want is not a DropDownList at all.  Perhaps you can use a DataList or Repeater control to accomplish what you want and wrap it in a <div> tag like this one:

<div style="overflow: auto; width: 400px; height: 200px;">
  ... your DataList or Repeater ...

This will cause the DataList or Repeater to be scrollable, like a DropDownList.  But since you would be creating it yourself, you can make it "2-D" or scroll like a normal list.  Just something to consider.

-- Jason
dalsandhuAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jason. Yes, not a bad idea.

The reason I want something like a dropdown is that I want the list to disappear when not in use. My page looks and behaves more like a winform, and I'd rather keep it like that. If I use a div it would shift all controls down to make room. Perhaps absolute positioning could help, but I need the list to disappear when it's lost focus, which could be tricky. I shall have a go at this unless I hear from someone re a control.

dalsandhuAuthor Commented:
Hi - I have abandoned this idea. Am using a dropdown with text only. When the user selects a row the appropriate graphic is displayed in an adjacent image field.

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