Printing username on every document.


I am looking for a way to add into the footer of every page that is printed out a person’s windows username.  Importantly this is every page from every application (Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Acrobat etc. etc)

Any solutions?

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As far as I know, no. I think you'll need something like a modified print driver for that.
No.  You can't add Windows username to the footer of the word document.  
... unless you find some kind of hacked or modified printer for your printer to do that job, which is nearly impossible.
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Wooky JackCommented:
what type of printer do you have?
fais79Author Commented:
We have various printers i.e. HP, OKI and Lexmark
I don't think you can put a footer on each page, because it would mess up the margins for the formatted documents.  

But you can add a separator page before each print job with the user's name, intended to help staff sort documents at a shared printer.  To set it up, right-click Printer, Properties, Advanced Tab, Seperator Page button.

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fais79Author Commented:
Hi Samb39,

Tried your solution, works brilliantly with OKI Printers but does not work for HP printers. When you print to HP it just prints out all the code for seprartor's page rather than printing the text it should be printing on the seprartor page.
fais79Author Commented:
Actually sorry my mistake I was using wrong .sep file. Tried pcl.sep and it works for both OKI and HP.

Good Stuff Samb!

Many thanks..
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