remove the first zero from a number

hi there ,

in the func i geting this kind of number 03178596
i want to dispose the zero but only if its the first digit in the num

how can i do it ?

thanks ...
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You could convert it to a number and then back to a string again:

   string numResult="03178596";
   string trimedResult=long.parse(numResult).ToString();

Or write a specialized trim function (probably faster)
public class utilClass
 public static string trimLeading(string s, char trimChar)
    int startOffset=0;
    while(startOffset<s.Length-1) //If it is ALL 0's then leave the last one there
       if (s[startOffset]!=trimChar)
         break;   //Found 1st non-trimChar
      return s.SubString(startOffset);
Then call it like this:
    string numResult="03178596";
    string trimedResult=utilClass.trimLeading(numResult, '0');

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                               static void remove_zero(ref string num)
                        num = num.Remove(0,1);
rahul_r_jadhav's solution is not as efficient (though quite elegant).  Each time
  num = num.Remove(0,1);
is called, a new string is created, which might slow your application down (a few seconds) with unnecessary garbage collections.
Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
Simply casting it to a numeric data type should drop any leading zeros:


        string num = "0123456789";
        long lnum = long.Parse(num);
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