Domain upgraded to 2003 from NT4, now 2000 TS licensing won't work


   We recently upgraded our NT4 domain to Server 2003 AD in Interim mode.  We still have some NT4 BDCs left, but the domain is effectively a 2003 AD domain.  Prior to this domain upgrade, we have been using Windows 2000 member servers running terminal services and Citrix metaframe XP.  After the domain upgrade, we recently noticed that we are getting licensing errors in the event log and brand new clients we want to setup to use our Citrix server are unable to connect, the Citrix server can't grant them a connection license.  People who have been using this TS server up until now are unaffected, they can logon and work no problem, only new clients who have never connected before are affected.  

   I tried to open the license loggin for TS on the citrix server, (which has the license logging component installed, but the service won't start).  I installed license loggin on our new 2003 AD domain controller, but it can't see our Citrix TS server for some reason, I get a "cannot connect to license logging server" error when I try to connect to our citrix server.  

   I've read that the license logging service can only be run on a domain controller, is that true, and if so, now that my domain is in 2003 interim mode and our Terminal server is running Windows 2000 (member server), how can I get terminal services licensing to work?  I can't make a 2000 server a DC because of the mode our domain is in.  This was never an issue in our NT4 domain.  Can someone help me figure this out and give me some options?

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In an NT4 domain or in a workgroup setup, the TS LS of Windows 2000 could run on a member server. If a Windows 2000 server is a member of an AD domain, the TS LS will not run (as you've noticed), it has to run on a DC in an AD domain.
So you need to install the TS LS on your DC (well, seems like you did that already), then transfer the TS licenses to this machine. The only way to "transfer" the licenses is to call the Microsoft Clearinghouse (use the Telephone method to install licenses) and tell them that you had to move your TS LS to another machine; they're used to that, just keep your licensing information at hand. Don't worry, the W2k3 TS LS can handle a W2k TS as well, and, yes, it will handle the built-in licenses for W2k/XP clients, too.
It's possible that your terminal servers are still pointing to your old TS LS; if so, remove the registry entry, the TS should now be able to find the LS automatically, since it's running on the DC.
Establishing Preferred Windows 2000 Terminal Services License Server

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MCPJoeAuthor Commented:
Ok thats what I wanted to hear.  Thanks for the info.  So in summary, I've already installed Terminal Services Licensing on my AD DC, all I need to do is get my 2000 licensing info and call MS.  Setup my 2000 TS licenses on my 2003 AD server running terminal services licensing, maybe have to edit the registry to see the new server, and I should be all set?  If so, thats great.  I was hoping it would work like that.  

Thanks again!

Yes, that's all. Oh, and either set the startup type of the TS license logging service on the former LS to disabled, or uninstall it completely, to get rid of the annoying error when rebooting ...
MCPJoeAuthor Commented:
Thanks, your the man!  Its been a long time since I had to mess with Terminal services licensing.  Guess I should dive in and get back into it a bit.  I've just been mainly working with Exchange and AD for so long now.  Sigh....
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