In html - keep phone number on same line without word wrapping at the hyphen

This is an annoyance; in my web pages, the text of a phone number at the end of a line will wrap at the hyphen, and I like to keep the phone number together. How do I keep the number together on the same line including the hyphens?
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Have you tried the CSS nowrap property around the phone number?
<span style="white-space:nowrap">1-800-555-100</span>
can i see the page(s)? or can you post the code here?
epaynedsmAuthor Commented:
It happens on any page where the phone number will not fit at the end of a line, so it wraps automatically at the hyphen.
epaynedsmAuthor Commented:
Ah... that is it, Rouchie. Thank you so much!
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