Bulk export and import of user accounts (using GUI app)

Hi, I have found info on the command line util in the reskit to export accounts in txt file and to bulk modify them. But, I want to export them from a 2000 server and import them onto a new 2003 server. (they have a new replacement server!)

I'd really ike a nice easy to use app but can't find much on the web. Any suggestions??

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Well, you said you wanted to export the users and groups, then import them into the new 2003 server, because they have a replacement server.  Sounded like a migration to me.

And you don't have to do a full migration.  You can just transfer the users over.

See here:


It won't actually export to a file for you, it does it "on the fly", but it works well if you want them to not be considered "new users" on the 2003 server (it retains SID history, so they still have access to the files/folders they had before).
m0bovAuthor Commented:
Hi, not quite. I don't want to migrate but just export the users and groups. Thanks anyway.
m0bovAuthor Commented:
Hi, do I need to link the two servers together in the same domain?
They do not need to be in the same domain, but they do need to be domain servers.
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