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Backup Jobd are always Queued


Here is my scenario:

We currently have Veritas Backup Exec version 8.60 on 1 of our servers. Almost everytime that we to schedule a backup they always get queued.

Any rhyme or reason why this is happening.

If you need more infomotion don't hesitate to ask.


3 Solutions
It's a Veritas way of doing things. And this way is quiet good.
Queueing is a common way to resolve producer-consumer problem.
Why are your backup jobs queued? Because you may have
multiple simultaneous jobs running and they are physically
cannot execute concurrently (you may have only one backup media),
so they are always queued always and then executed from queue.
If it's time to execute job, you don't even notice the time between putting
job into queue and executing it.
Nopius is right
also, one job that frequently can be found is some sort of database-pruning, to keep your database small and easy to access. Some programs do this under-water, but it still is a job, waiting in the queue.
what are you backing up?

I would first recommend  restarting your veritas services this can be done in vertias under tools and then services, just stop and start them then try to run a backup job, also are you using a tape drive to back up, if you are then power cycle your tape drive, this kind of thing is common with veritas. also update your JRE to the lastest version.

also read this article

it has some reasons why a your job stay queued


if you have you backups go to a backup to disk folder then read this

try these and if they don't work, i need more specfic info

os on server
agents installed
locations of data to back and type of data
then location of where the data is backed up to, device specifces, tape drive, HDD, USB HDD?
is pre processing enabled?
dakeysAuthor Commented:
Seems like there was a queued job in there that was stopping backups from continuing to run....I canceled the queued job and I checked it this morning and it worked.

I will post back later to split the points thanks

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