IADS in vb.net

How can I use IADS to access and manipulate active directory in visual studio using vb.net, this was so easy using visual studio 6.0....

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VB.NET has integrated Active Directory Handling, meaning you just need to put in a few imports, and use the appropriate objects. I'm posting a link to a simple tutorial that should help out.

remorknevetsAuthor Commented:
How can I enumerate all users using directory services in vb.net?  I know how to use the LDAP path to display and update attributes for a specific user, but how can I move through the users in LDAP?  ie, a next button...
Active Directory Object Browser written in vb.net with full source code


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Should look something like this though

ldapquerystring = "LDAP://" & DistName

ds.SearchRoot = New DirectoryEntry(ldapquerystring)
ds.PageSize = 1000

Dim dsResult As DirectoryServices.SearchResult

i1 = ds.FindAll.Count
iterations = i1 / 1000

For iterCount = 1 To iterations
objContainer = GetObject(ldapquerystring)
For Each objUser In objContainer
i1 = 0 'reset the test value
strName = objUser.Name
i1 = strName.Length
If i1 > 0 Then
strDesc = objUser.Description
userFN = objUser.Get("givenName")
userSN = objUser.Get("sn")
userDesc = objUser.Get("description")
userCAI = objUser.Get("cvx-cai")
userBillCAI = objUser.Get("cvx-BillingCAI")
userDispN = objUser.Get("displayName")
outline = strName & "%" & userFN & "%" & userSN & "%" &
userDesc & "%" & userCAI & "%" & userBillCAI & "%" & userDispN & "%" &
End If
Next 'ObjUser
objContainer = GetObject(ldapquerystring)
Next 'Itercount
remorknevetsAuthor Commented:
kmichie, what references  need to be imported in Visual Studio .net for your code to work?
System.DirectoryServices should be all you need
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