Are the words in the Domain name used for a search

Is the domain name used as part of the search word criteria?
example: if the domain name,
would the words Discount, Auto, and Parts be used when someone did a
search for those words?

The reason I ask is that if you look at a search for those words, they
are highlighted in the domain name in the search results:
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There are 3 reasons to use the words in the domain name

1) To improve the chances that your keywords are part of the anchor text provided in a text link from another site to yours (when you're not able to control that text otherwise)

2) To get them hilighted in the SERP (search engine results pages) as you pointed out.  This is true for PPC and organic listings.

3) There is some evidence that putting those keywords (to a point) in a name builds the confidence of the person reading the name that their click will NOT be a waste of time.  But there is a limit, and then the name appears spammy.

Let's say you sell  replacement door gaskets for import cars, and that your company name is Mike's Auto Parts.

Well, is a name you should have, but it's not really very good for link building activity or SERP display.  

The domain names: (buy for crawling and linking)
-and-  (buy simply to keep from your competitors)

...should be high on your purchase list for this business.  The FIRST name is the one you'll use in link buying and exchanges.  Now you'll always want to TRY to use "Door Gaskets for Toyota" or whatever your keyword research tells you it should be, but in some cases you'll not have that luxury and your URL will be the link.  In that case, the hyphinated link is the one to use.

Google interprets the "-" as a word seperator.  IT cannot parse the 2nd domain above without dashes, and that name is being bought defensively.

Don't go too far, though... a name like  ... turns people off and probably, though I don't know, turns off the crawlers as well.

Good luck



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MikeMCSDAuthor Commented:
thanks Scott . . very informative
MikeMCSDAuthor Commented:
In your example,, . . .

Would "" be the main domain name for the company, and
the "" just be used for links placed on other peoples sites?  thanks
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That depends.  Sometimes it doesn't make sense.   You should always try to have your own business name (real name) as a domain name.  There's no really good answer for everyone on this.  The would be your online link though, and keep this in mind.


So you want to be sure that if you USE a name for inbound links, you use the EXACT same link.  E-X-A-C-T.

MikeMCSDAuthor Commented:
when you say ....  "you use the EXACT same link."
do you just mean to use the words in your domain name and just split them with the "-",
and just use:
for links coming into your page?
I mean exact to the last character, including the www.  

If you have any variation, however slight, you will split your page rank.

remember, the one without the dashes is just to protect you from competition later on when you are hugely successful and everyone wants a pc. of your business.
MikeMCSDAuthor Commented:
I'm still a little confused . . . so I would use:  as the "main" domain name, the one a person
would type in to go to . .

and have as another name, reserved, but not really used

Would this would be the best way to get the best search ranking? (sorry if I'm being thick).
Yes...  you have it right, but most of the time they'd be clicking, not typing.  

this is not a magic bullet, but in SEO, every little bits help.  

Both of these names could point to the same website if you wanted, or the non-dash-version could just be parked.  It's defensive only.
Hi Mike,

Having your keyword helps alot.

Not only google but other Major search engines yahoo and msn also value keywords placed in the domain.

Example if you sell history eraser then it is best if you go for domain or

If you do not wish to get new domain then place it as a file name, example :

MikeMCSDAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help
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