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Display .PCT Quicktime pictures using Access

I have a database where I need to display on a form .PCT pictures created by Quicktime.

I always use WebBrowser1 .ocx to display .jpg pictures but it won't display .PCT picutures.

(Handy Code I wrote:)
Dim varPath As Variant
Dim varPic1 As Variant

Dim varX As Variant
Dim varY As Variant
Dim varZ As Variant

varPath = DLookup("[PicPath]", "QRY_PicLookup", "[Screen]=" & [List67].Column(1))
varPic1 = DLookup("[PIC1]", "QRY_PicLookup", "[ID]=" & List67.Column(0))

varX = "about:<html><center><body scroll='no'><img src='" 'Centers Picture
varY = "</img><p> </center><pre> </pre></body></html>" 'Puts Picture in Center
varZ = "'width=100% height=100% />"

'Puts Picture in WebBrowser Contol Centered & Turns off ScrollBar & Scales Picture to WebBrowser Size
    WebBrowser1.Navigate varX + varPath + varPic1 + varZ + varY

I noticed in my Access controls there is a QuickTime Object...perhaps this could work however I don't know the string comands to use it from VB for this control.

Converting the images from .PCT to .JPG is not an option.
Any Ideas...Thanks a million in advance!
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1 Solution
Quicktime comes with an ActiveX control QTPlugin.ocx found in C:\Program Files\QuickTime\ if installed in the default folder.  I have never used it.  Googling the control, I found many references with problems with the control (example: http://lists.apple.com/archives/QuickTime-API/2003/Oct/msg00254.html).  You could try installing it and playing with it to see if you could get it to work.  

Or you can open IE in an unbound OLE control and run the Quicktime in that (I haven't tried that either).

Or you can convert the pct files to a temporary jpg file on the fly to display it and then delete the jpg file.
ACSPanamaAuthor Commented:
Discovered that you can use Unbound Object Frame and it views the Quicktime .PCT files perfectly! Who would of guessed?

There is a sample database here:

I story my file names in a table and sort them by a query. This works with .PCT, .JPG files etc.
Here is my Code:

Dim varPath As Variant
Dim varPic1 As Variant

varPath = DLookup("[PicPath]", "QRY_PicLookup", "[Screen]=" & [List67].Column(3))
varPic1 = DLookup("[PIC1]", "QRY_PicLookup", "[ID]=" & List67.Column(0))

Me.ImgView1.Picture = varPath + varPic1  'Puts Picture in ImageBox
Good!  Glad you got a solution.  Sounds like I helped at least a little with my unbound OLE box suggestion.  Happy programming.
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