Cannot View Workgroup Computers, please help ~

I cannot view my workgroup computers inside the "My Network Places"

When I click the "view my workgroup computers" it will pop up an errors message, below is a link for my print screen errors.

Thank you ~
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This looks like a simple, easy fix:

This happens due to missing or corrupt SharedAccess reg key, which represents the Windows Firewall Service.

The cure is a REG file you can download here:

Try the things recommended in that article, and if they fail, re-apply service pack 2.  

wcponAuthor Commented:
Can you tell me ~
how to change the permission in my computer???
where I have to change the permission ??
is it the permission got problem ?
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All your computers have to be on the same workgroup (i.e. "HOME", "WORKGROUP").  Also, turn off your firewall that is built-in WinXP.  That should solve all your problems.

Alternatively, you can check if you can "see" computers around you by going Run->Command Prompt and typing the following command:

net view

There are a lot of things that can stop networking.  That's why there is a Network Setup Wizard in Windows XP (Home and Pro).

Go to My Network Places and click the "Set up a home or small office network".  This will set the Group Policy, open the proper ports on the firewall, etc.  Run the wizard on each machine in the network.
wcponAuthor Commented:
when i double click window firewall..
It pop up this message "Due to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display Windows Firewall settings."

What is the problem ??? Is it my windows got errors ?
wcponAuthor Commented:
Finally it done ~
thank you samb39 ~
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