Outlook Mobile Access - Item No Longer Exists

I've setup OMA for use with a Treo 650.  I'm trying to test it with a web browser before I use the device.  When I login as the Domain Admin at http://servername/oma I get in just fine.  However, when I log in as the user I get:

Item no longer exists. The item you are attempting to access may have been deleted or moved.

I temporarilly made him a domain admin and the same error occured.  OMA is enabled globally in Exchange Administrator, and it is enabled for the user.  The sever is a Windows Server 2003 Small Business Edition system.

I'm stumped.  What could I be missing?


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First thing to check is that the path in IIS Manager is correct.

Find the exchange-oma virtual directory and make sure that the local path matches the same domain as listed in the /exchange virtual directory.

For example it should say domain.com everywhere, if it says domain.local and domain.com then it needs to be changed.

The path should be something like:


If you do change it, then you will need to restart the Exchange services to get it to take.

The key thing is that they match - don't change the /exchange setting though.

inovatechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion.  I just checked both the /exchange and the /exchange-oma virtual directories and they both match.  They both contain:


Also, I should mention again that it works perfectly when I connect to oma using the Domain Admin account.  I get a nice text only list of links.  However, it's not permissions related since I temporarily added the user to the Domain Admins group and he was still getting the Item No Longer Exists error.

So, basically, the situation is that the domain admin can connect, but the regular user can't.  Even when he is also a domain admin.  I'm guessing there is something different about the two account other than permissions but I can't put my finger on it.

Apparently there is some caching of the error messages. If you aren't acknowledging the error by pressing OK or clicking home, then you will keep getting the error, no matter what you do to the permissions of the user.

Ensure that the /oma virtual directory is set to use the application pool of "ExchangeMobileBrowseApplicationPool"

If you create a new user, does it work then?


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inovatechAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay.  I just want to let you know that we had to change gears on this.  They no longer wanted to use OMA, so the need to spend time getting it working went away.  Instead they elected to have all messages forwarded to a POP3 account that the Treo can access w/o problems.

Thanks for the help though.  I'm sure we could have worked the problem out.
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