Can't get into OWA

I just setup a new Exchange 2003 (SP1) server. When ever i try to log into the OWA to check my mail it doesn't give me access. I put my logon credentials and the windows reappears like i put in the wrong password. I tried using, domain\username as the login and no luck. Did I forget to configure something on the exchange server.
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The best way is to get an SSL certificate and enable forms based authentication. If you do that then the users get a nice window with the username and password box - and despite what the window says, you don't have to authenticate in domain\username format.

Otherwise, open IIS manager, then the default web site. Look for the /exchange virtual directory. Right click on it and choose Properties. Click on Directory Security and then Authentication. You should have default domain and default realm. Use the buttons on the right of each box to set.

By default domain\username should work.
As this is a new server, why haven't you installed service pack 2 Exchange 2003?

There should be nothing to enable or check on the server - it should just work.

Are these new accounts? Do they work with the full Outlook?

Albert1809Author Commented:

The domain\username method does work. I must of did a typo in the username the first time. I confirm that i do have SP2, not SP1. How can i set OWA so I can juts put the user name instead of the domain\username method?
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