exchange errors

some of the clients are getting "Outlook is trying to retrieve data from the MS Exchange
Server" when attempting to access the address book we have tried to have the end user manually download the address book to solve this issue with some success. Some of the other user are still having the issue.this also locks up the outlook

some errors in the event veiwer are

"the win32 api call dggetdcnnamew" returned an error code 0x54b the specifed domain controller does not exist or could not be contacted . the service could not be initialized . make sure the operating system was installed correctly "

" the kerberos client recieved a KRB_AP_ERR_MODIFIED error from the server the target name was xxxxxx . this indicated that the password userd to encrypt the kerbros service ticket was different than that on the target server . commonly this is due to identically named machiene accounts in the target realm and the client realm "
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Rant32Connect With a Mentor Commented:
<< it is "dsgetdcnnamew" >>

No, it's "dsgetdcnamew" (one n)

This the one?
Go to the Exchange System Manager, go to properties of the server. There is a tab called Directory Access. Make sure all listed domain controllers are available as DC, and the Exchange Server must have at least one available Global Catalog.

Run DCdiag from the Support Tools on the Exchange server and a client that has the error.

If the Exchange Server itself is a domain controller then it MUST be a Global Catalog. You can quickly check if it is in the AD Sites & Services snap-in, the properties of NTDS settings under the server. In any enterprise environment, that's a bad thing, see why.

Otherwise, post more specific details about
- Exchange Server version
- Service pack level and build
- The text "dggetdcnnamew" returns no results in Google: check your spelling
- Any hints to when and how this problem started occurring
brikeyesAuthor Commented:
it is "dsgetdcnnamew"

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Wrong article btw, see for considerations for Exchange on a DC.

On-topic, only if using Exchange 2000: if recently any domain controller in the site was promoted to a global catalog, it might already be advertised to the network as a GC while the  NSPI (Named Service Provider Interface) has not been started yet. A newly promoted GC should be restarted first, according to

Please supply some Event ID's from either the Exchange Server or the client you are working from, maybe we can look them up.
brikeyesAuthor Commented:
Sorry about not getting back sooner,

it is a 2003 exchange server , this was recently migrated ( not by me ) from a 2000 exchange . i have looked in the "directory access " tab as you have requested and I did see 2 global catalog servers . there are 2 2003 exchange servers in this environment and they are not domain controllers . I am not sure how to find a patch level on exchange 2003.

Thanks so much for your help
brikeyesAuthor Commented:
I will run that DCdiag and let you know
The properties of the server, or the details pane on the right, shows the build and if installed, the SP level. If no SP is indicated, it means that none has been installed. A minimum of Exchange Server SP1 is highly recommended but I assume the people who upgraded the server to know that.

We'll wait for the results of dcdiag and post event IDs too, please.
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