"Continuous section breaks" automatically turning into "next page section breaks"

I have a document that has several sections, which I formatted in a continuous manner, meaning that I do not want any "next page section breaks". Some of the sections are formatted in two columns and some have one column.
I inserted "continuous section breaks" wherever necessary, and many of these continuous section breaks are automatically turning into "next page section breaks". Even if I delete the "next page section break", the previous "continuous section break" which luckily hadn't turned into a "next page section break" will automatically become one, after deleting the one after it. Something mysterious is occuring in this document. Can someone please assist me in setting up the breaks properly?
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Hi YomTovSuccos,

Maybe you have different page sizes or page directions, or any page configraions thru out the document.
Suppose you have split the document into 3 sections, the first break being a "continuous" and the second being a "next page". Then defined the third section with some different settings for the page. If you erase the second break, it will change the first to "next page" because of the different page settings.

This is just a hint... To check, you can define any page settings you want, and state that those settings are for the "Whole document". Next try to erase a "continuous section break". Do you have the same result?

I can't reproduce your problem, either.
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