Need help with shell scripting...

Hi Guys,

I wrote a shell script. I want you guys to look at it and can give ur suggestions of how i can make it better. I am a starter and so needed ur help and assistance.

Help Appreciated.

Example Script:
$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus -s apps/apps@$ORACLE_SID <<EOF

set echo off
set feedback off
set timing on
set termout off
set hea off
col FN format a45
set linesize 200
set pagesize 0

spool /usr/tmp/list.log
select outfile_name FN
from fnd_conc_requests_form_v
where program = 'AutoInvoice Print'
and argument1 = 'CUSTOMER'
and argument2 = 'INV'
and request_id = 4471022
and completion_text = 'Normal completion';
spool off

set timing off

cd /usr/tmp
cat list.log | while read line
out_file=`echo $line | awk '{print $1}'`
cd /
lp -d PHSACT12 `echo $out_file`
rm list.log

Guys, I had one more question.

I am getting some data in to the list.log file, which is:

old   7: and trunc(request_date) = to_date('&1','MM/DD/YYYY')
new   7: and trunc(request_date) = to_date('03/23/2006','MM/DD/YYYY')
Elapsed: 00:00:07.95

I am trying to extract the third line and print that file to the printer using lp -d printername filename

But what my problem is, its fetching every line and excuting it. First two lines and the fourth line also executes and displays " no such file or directory exists".

How can i supress them and take only the third line which is file showing the complete path where that file is stored.

Help Appreciated

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out_file=`head -3 list.log | tail -1`
lp -d PHSACT12 $out_file

In sqlplus command section code:

set ver off
set timing off

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